Putting climate innovation at the heart of regional economic development

Our work in the UK and Ireland is focused on four key partnerships: London, West Midlands, Edinburgh and Dublin.

We are working with the region’s most ambitious mayors and municipalities, national governments and industry leaders, funders, corporates, start-ups, research groups and universities; innovative people and organisations who are ready to look at what is possible at the level of whole systems transitions when innovation is co-ordinated and collaborative.

We believe that putting climate innovation at the heart of joined-up regional economic development plans is not only necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change, but presents a wealth of opportunities for business and society. 

Our offer to cities

We provide ‘systems innovation as a service’ and ‘ecosystem orchestration’ through a programme of joined-up innovations, including:

  • education, training and entrepreneurship programmes 
  • citizen engagement initiatives such as Climathon
  • grant-funded innovation projects and consortia (tailored to support place-based systems transitions)
  • open innovation and matchmaking, and more.

Read case studies on our work in these city-regions below.

The Four Clusters

Birmingham & The West Midlands

The West Midlands - under the aegis of the Energy Capital innovation partnership - is undergoing an ambitious urban energy transition, driving deep cuts in energy consumption and turning the region into one of the world’s most attractive locations to build a clean energy company.

Birmingham & The West Midlands Read More

We are working with London partners to establish the city-region as a global cleantech and green finance hub. CleanTech London is the strategic initiative driving this ambition forward.

London Read More
Edinburgh City Region

We are working with partners in the region to catalyse the development of a smart sustainable city based on the recently agreed ‘City Deal’ programme and the goal of making Edinburgh one of Europe’s leading data hubs over the next decade.

Edinburgh City Region Read More

Sustainable Nation Ireland, the Irish Government and others are building Dublin’s capability as a hub for sustainable finance which supports the delivery of the domestic climate ambitions and positioning within international finance.

Dublin Read More